Thursday, October 30, 2014

Touching lives

Carolina Baptist Church has sent a team to Haiti this week to head up a building project. Please keep them in your prayers for safety and pray for opportunities for them to witness to open hearts.

Thank you Jennifer Prahl for this wonderful article on the spring trip to Haiti.

Francis Bacon, a philosopher and scientist of the 16th century, said "There l
never was found in any age of the world, either philosopher or sect, or law or discipline which did so highly exalt the public good as the Christian faith."

Education and skills in the hands of an individual with a Christian worldview is a valuable tool and has the potential to become the catalyst for spiritual and physical change. Recognizing the importance of education Parakaleo International has made Christian education and vocational training part of our mission.

Parakaleo’s spring trip to Haiti focused primarily on this educational aspect of our mission goals. In April, Parakaleo directed Rapid City Christian School as they worked with Baie de’Orange Christian School. Rapid City Christian School of South Dakota has felt led to sponsor this Christian school financially and physically. Eight students and three chaperones traveled into the mountains to conduct a bible club for students and children in the Baie de’Orange region. The Lord worked in students’ hearts and almost 100 students at Baie de’Orange came forward to discuss salvation.

The South Dakota team also brought some school supplies and started the digging for a water cistern at the church and school. The school in Baie de’Orang has almost 400 students and is in need of new classrooms, training, and funds for salaries and building.

Also in April a team of teens and parents from Carolina Baptist Church of South Carolina traveled to Haiti to work with two newer church plants of Parakaleo, Moriah Church and Bethesada Baptist Church in the Cayes Jacmel area. This team conducted Vacation Bible Schools at both churches and saw an increase in attendance from last year. Children at both churches accepted Christ and the team was a great blessing and encouragement to Pastor Gabrielle and Pastor Josue. It is our hope to see these churches able to build permanent buildings in the next few years and start Christian schools for their areas.

The South Carolina team brought a donation of laptops from the states for Parakaleo. It was quite an interesting experience going through airport security with 3-4 laptops per person! Parakaleo distributed about 20 laptops to a seminary and its students in Jacmel and 30 laptops to the Christian school in Jacmel under Pastor Belizaire. As funds are raised, future plans for the Christian school in Jacmel include plans to build a computer lab to be used by students and as a vocational training lab that will be an outreach into the Jacmel community.

The progress towards improving the quality and reach of Christian schools and vocational classes is exciting but much remains to be accomplished. God is faithful to supply what we need as it is needed and it is thrilling to watch other groups and people catch the vision of reaching Haiti. Please continue to pray for Parakaleo International and consider how you can be a part of this work.

"God isn't looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him" — Hudson Taylor

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