Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Young Man's Epitaph

Micah Falde is sharing with us today about his recent trip to Haiti.
Micah is 14 years old and is in 8th grade. He likes to hunt, camp and work outside. Micah has started his own lawn mowing business this year with his Grandma. Micah has been to Haiti on four different mission trips. During those trips he's helped the mobile medical team, the VBS team, and the construction team. Here is a young man who loves the Lord and goes down to Haiti, not for a vacation of relaxing and fine food, but to help others.
Our recent trip to Haiti was mostly centered around VBS. The last trip we did a lot of construction, working on a building for school and church. This trip worked at Moriah Baptist Church with Mr. Sam, Mrs. Vivi, and their daughter, Valeska.
While I was there I taught two Bible stories. I taught about the wonders of Creation and how God saved mankind by having Noah build an ark.

We had thirty kids the first day. The second day the numbers doubled to sixty
kids the last day of VBS we had seventy children. Out of all three days we saw nineteen kids come to know the Lord.

While I was there, I was reading in my devotional book, “A Young Man After God’s Own Heart” about epitaphs. I learned that an epitaph is a short speech written on someone’s tombstone. I imagine an epitaph being what someone’s family and friends thought of him. The second day we were there, a boy about my age (15 years old to be exact) died. It was so sad that he died, but that really made me think about my life. If that was me that had died, what would be epitaph say? What would be written on my tombstone? I hope that when that day comes that somebody has to write my epitaph that it will be something that pleases God by the way I lived my life.

--Micah Falde

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  1. I am a follower and I shared this on my Facebook page. This was very touching. May GOD continue to bless these people. Maxie